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Welcome to my new website all about prairie dog hunting.  Two years ago my dad and uncle decided to go to South Dakota prairie dog hunting.  When they came back they kept talking about how much fun they had and the things they had learned.  I decided that I needed to go with them the next time they went.  I started researching what equipment I would need and what I would be getting myself into and this spring I went with them.  I was instantly hooked.

While researching equipment, guns, and reloading I realized there are not any good sites dedicated to just prairie dog hunting.  I had to search through varmint hunting sites or dig through forum threads 20 pages long to find the information I was looking for.  I wanted a site that had good articles I could read on the subject, so I decided to create just that.

I hope to build a nice collection of articles on the topics of hunting, shooting, reloading, and gear reviews.  I am also going to build a resource list for finding information on regulations and places to hunt for different states.  If there is anything you would like to see on this site please feel free to contact me, after all this site is for you, the reader.

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