SHOT Show 2015: New products

SHOT Show 2015 Once a year retailers, distributors, manufacturers and media of the shooting, hunting, outdoors, and law enforcement industries descend on Las Vegas for the biggest gun show the city has ever seen.  The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade show, or SHOT Show, is where manufacturers come to show off their new products and […]

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Walker's Alpha 360 Powered Shooting Muffs

Walker’s Alpha 360 Power Muffs Review: The Muffs You Didn’t Know You Needed

How would your life be different if you woke up one day and couldn’t hear?  If you shoot guns without proper hearing protection that hypothetical situation could become a reality.  Most of us wear hearing protection while at the range, trap shooting, or shooting repetitively but I rarely see anyone wearing hearing protection while hunting. […]

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17 HMR

Why you should own a .17 HMR

  Today is Thanksgiving and I am going to tell you why I am thankful for my .17 HMR and why everyone should own one.  The picture at the top is my customized .17 HMR and it is the most fun gun I have ever shot.  Before I get into why this caliber is so […]

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Prairie Dog Hunting Gear

Essential Prairie Dog Hunting Gear

As I started to research prairie dog hunting I quickly realized I needed some gear. It took some researching and talking to people who had been dog hunting to figure out what I needed. Well I am going to save you some time and give you a list of some of the essential prairie dog […]

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Prairie Dog

Welcome to Long Range Dogs

Welcome Welcome to my new website all about prairie dog hunting.  Two years ago my dad and uncle decided to go to South Dakota prairie dog hunting.  When they came back they kept talking about how much fun they had and the things they had learned.  I decided that I needed to go with them […]

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